What options do you have for your Trophies?

For hunters familiar with taxidermy, the decisions are very similar for your South African trophies. With each harvest, you’ll need to let the Sunguti Team know what, if any, type of taxidermy they should prepare your trophy for.

Be sure to review your options with your Professional Hunter before any decisions are made.

You have the option of sending your trophy to the taxidermist of your choice in South Africa or shipping it back to the United States with the correct paperwork.

If having the work done in South Africa, Sunguti Safaris highly recommends the work done by Trophex Taxidermy They provide high quality work, at affordable prices, and will work with you to ship handle all import paperwork to the United States. Throughout each step of the taxidermy process they provide customers with the opportunity to give feedback and input on how to proceed on the next step of the taxidermy process for their trophy.

Please make sure to visit the Trophex site linked above for the most up to date price lists and examples of their phenomenal work.

Trophex 2023 Price List US $

Trophex 2023 Price List euro